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Rookie Maths

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12
By Developer: Futureantics Pty Ltd

I am still trying to get my wits around the fact that this app is free. Maybe I will go knock on some wood or something so I don't jinx this for you, because this is an app you will want to download!

Rookie Maths is a not only a very fun and engaging app, but has a 3D aspect to it that totally puts kids in the “gamer” mode. The current version allows for 4 avatars/players. Create your ideal avatar down to hair style, color, skin color and more, really personalizing the game. Once you have you avatar, and have chosen the level of difficulty (easy or tricky), just hit play.

First thing you will be given is the goal of the current game. Such as, “We need your help to save us from the Shadow Lord. His darkness is spreading throughout the land...”. Collecting artifacts and points helps you defeat the bad guys. You receive these while playing the 22 fun and unique curriculum based math games, which include hundreds of math challenges. Once a challenge has been met, another will be ready to play – with a new goal in mind. Need a little more understanding on the problems you are doing? Just tap the question mark, it will explain the task as well as give understanding on terms being used. Your 7-10 year old is going to love this one!

Math covered: numbers, patterns, algebra, measurement, data, space and geometry. I played one game that had me working with decimals, fractions and percentages, that was brilliant in how it showed the player the link between the three. The player will just “get” the idea on their own. Brilliant!

Planned features for future releases:

  • Hundreds of new learning games.
  • Personalized learning.
  • Multi-player games and social learning.
  • Games for age groups. Including years 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6.
  • More characters, huge world, more fun.
  • Progress report for parents and kids.
  • A unique and safe social element letting kids learn and play together.

    Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Completely free app: no in-app purchasing or advertising.
  • Child-safe app. Your child’s safety and privacy is our priority.
  • This version is designed for children aged 7-10.
  • Aligned to the Australian Mathematics Curriculum for Years 3 and 4. Mapped to the specific content strands; Number, Patterns and Algebra, Measurement, Data, Space and Geometry.
  • Twenty-two unique learning games that contain hundreds of individual challenges.
  • Two difficulty levels.
  • Rookie is still evolving and features will change with more development.

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