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SAT Word Slam

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Slammin Productions

This app is an absolute riot! It teaches vocabulary words in a completely fun and inventive way.

The app's "teach me" section goes through vocabulary words, one by one. Each word is accompanied by a poem that explains the word's meaning. The poem is read by a voice actor, many of the voices imitating popular actors who are related somehow to the word. For example, a Woody Allen voice reading a poem for the word "dour" - LOL!

The app also has a "test me" option, which goes through common multiple choice questions concerning the various vocabulary words available to be learned.

Students can rank the words as easy or difficult and get more practice on the ones they need to work on more. Playlists of words can also be created for more customized practice.

All in all it is a great vocabulary education. The app uses every tool imaginable to help students learn the words and remember their meanings. It is fantastic.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
In-app purchasing.


  • Humorous voice actor narrations
  • Poems, synonyms, word plays, and every other learning tool you can think of
  • Create custom playlists of words

Video Review