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Senda and the Berry Elf

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: Silvia Homs Vila

Senda and the Berry Elf is a beautifully illustrated, 15 page book full of magic, interactive experience, and lovable characters. Kids are taken on a journey to help Senda, her friend and the Berry Elf save the Forest Fairy by cleaning up the forest and getting rid of the Garbage Monster. Along the way, kids will get the message of keeping the environment clean of trash and that it is goof to recycle. As with Senda and the Glutton Dragon, Silvia Homs Vila's books have a clear message of health and wellness.

The book comes with professional narration and highlighted words for our young readers to follow along. There is also a 3D quality to it, where you can pan around the pages and view at different angles.

Kids will enjoy such activities as, interacting with the animals and characters, picking berries while counting to 10, ringing bells, paying bass notes on mushroom tops and a whole lot more.

All-in-all an absolutely beautifully illustrated app book, with a good story and smart message.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Created for kids 5 and under.


  • Exciting and charming illustrations to explore, fully loaded with interactive elements.
  • Text-highlighting to support emerging and early readers.
  • All text and voices revised and adapted with educational purposes.
  • Interactive sequences to help the kid interact with the story directly. Play with the Berry Elf, pick berries or recycle garbage.
  • Lot of interactions, with animations, sound effects and other elements that make a nice whole experience, and help the child’s hand-eye coordination.
  • Senda and the Berry Elf features eight different languages, so practicing a new language is integrated into the fun of a memorable story.

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