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Sight Words Hangman

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12
By Developer: Marcel Widarto

I liked this app because it's an interesting twist on an old game. Everyone knows hangman, the popular learn to spell game, wherein you guess letters of the word and with each wrong guess a part of the man's body is drawn on the gallows.

Well this application is different. Instead of spelling, the object is reading. The application has over 35 lists of 10 words. The words are all common English words used in almost everyday discourse.

The child is prompted to find the spelling of the word spoken from a multiple choice selection. The object is to eventually be able to read the words by sight alone, without having to sound out each letter. This is obviously a desirable skill for a person to have, as you are doing just that right this second.

The app also has a flashcard section so that, if needed, the word lists can have an undercut of learning each word's spelling and sound before the game is played.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Professional voice over
  • 2 levels of difficulty
  • Over 30 word lists and utilizes over 300 common sight words
  • Flashcards
  • hear and see the word
  • Tracks progress

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