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Slice Fractions

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12
By Developer: Ululab

Slice Fractions is an award winning app and a real winner when it comes to learning fractions. Created for kids from 5-12, there are 140 very fun games in all. Your child will not even know that they are learning.

The games are all based on helping a mammoth clear his path through ice and lava, all the while getting a conceptual understanding of the world of fractions. No words are used, just great graphics and sounds.

When you open the app you will see the categories to be played: splitting, symbols, fraction parts, comparison, problem solving and addition. The game starts with splitting. Once the entire game has been played, symbols are unlocked and so forth. Each category has a multitude of games with increasing difficulty. Should the player have any difficulty in solving a game, the app will give a hint in how to proceed. Play a game until it is won by hitting the refresh button. With your correct actions, the mammoth is able to advance forward and collect hats, while the player collects badges.

Ululab knocks it out of the park with this amazing app!

Available in 16 languages for iPad, iPhone, and the new APPLE TV!


  • Learning fraction concepts without words
  • Experiencing an activity reviewed by researchers at a Canadian university (UQAM)
  • Solving over 140 innovative physics puzzles
  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • Part-whole partitioning
  • Numerator / Denominator notation
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Fraction ordering
  • Subtracting fractions from 1
  • Addition

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