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Smash Your Food FREE

By Developer: Food N' Me

Okay, how often does one get to smash up their food and get away with it? This action is pretty much a social catastrophe. But, this award winning app goes a long way in letting you go a bit wild and crazy in this zone. Not only that, but you will learn some very interesting educational facts about just what is in some of that food!

When first opening the app you will set up a profile with your name, age, activity level and gender. Based on your profile, you will find out just how well you body can handle the level of sugar, salt and oil of each food. When you come to the “smasher page”, you will find an icon which gives specific information for each food you are dealing with. When tapped you can see the amount of grams of fat, cholesterol, sugar and protein, as well as milligrams of sodium. The app will ask you to do the math and come up with the correct number for each of the three categories. Once you have given your answer – smash away! This all happens with a HD video of real food, including sound. The app will show you how well you answered the questions. At this point, a quick intake of breath and bulging eyes are not uncommon.

In the free version you are given 5 different foods to “wet your appetite”. You can do an in-app purchase of $2.99, giving you 40 foods to smash, with 5 levels – from single items to full meals. There are also additional games and interesting facts.

The app is designed for ages 5-12, but I would have to say 5 and up! This app is compatible with iPad.


  • This version includes 5 SMASHing opportunities – a cola, French fries, a jelly doughnut, a cup of noodles and one Crazy Food!
  • High definition video - with real food!
  • Vivid sound effects – you can actually hear every squish, glop, fizz and pop!
  • CRAZY FOOD! Unlock one Crazy Food for an even messier splat.
  • A compelling, fun way for children to get important health information while having a blast, and —there’s no mess to cleanup!

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