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$4.99 at time of review
Video Review:

Solar Walk™ - Space, Planets System, Moons, Orbits

Age Level: Ages 8-12, Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Vito Technology

Over 6 million users!
Featured in Best Apps three years in a row

The app is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! Quite literally.

Look here: what kind of solar system models did you build when you were a kid? Do you remember? Little balls of Styrofoam hanging off of old wire coat hangers... Do you remember that? Boy are you about to be jealous of your kid...

This application is a gorgeous three dimensional graphic model of the solar system and beyond. It is time sensitive, meaning that the positions of the planets and other celestial objects are represented on the model are always in the correct relative locations.

The application is jam packed with videos, information about each celestial object, photos.... To tell you the truth, I am limited to a "5" star rating - this is a ten. I am asked to do about a page-long review, I feel like I could write you twenty!

I would easily pay $10.00 for this app. When you find out it's price, you won't believe it. This review doesn't really do the thing justice. As one other reviewer said, "This app is too amazing for words."

You can zoom all over the galaxy and learning facts, figures, composition, of just about everything. No internet connection required means that this thing is always at your fingertips.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Comes with additional in-app purchasing.


  • 3D model of each of the planets
  • Each of the major Earth satellites, fully described and explained
  • All the major moons with information on them
  • Information about all the planets, stars, comets: mass, distance to sun, radius, etc.
  • To-scale models
  • The ability to track movements into the future and into the past
  • Galaxy view - zoom out to view the whole galaxy
  • Time machine - set any date you want
  • Videos that explain different phenomena on and around Earth
  • Wireless mirror to a screen or Apple TV
  • ...
  • Video Review