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Spanish Touch Trainer Unlimited

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Appocado

Featured in the "Staff Favorites" and "Education: New & Noteworthy" categories in the App Store!

Spanish Touch Trainer is an innovative language tutor that is primarily for practice, as opposed to beginner learning. It is a sentence construction game which challenges the user to select the correct words, verbs, conjugations and tenses. And honestly, it is a LOT more fun than slaving over a text-book or doing pre-written quizzes and fill in the blanks.

The exercises are introduced on a step-by-step approach, so you become better and better at forming sentences and more and more familiar with verb forms and conjugations. This is the exact app I needed when I was in high school studying Spanish for four years.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • All material created and verified by a native Spanish speaker
  • Verb conjugations within the context of real sentences
  • No boring flash cards!
  • A moving cursor on the English sentence lets you easily see how the word ordering changes with the Spanish
  • Upon completion of each sentence, you can listen to a recording of the sentence from a native Spanish speaker
  • Reference material and tutorials including phrases, verb conjugations, words, associative nouns and adjective dictionaries
  • Exercises are either beginner or advanced sets. Beginner sentences contain only present tense verb forms and advanced covers everything else
  • Designed to force the Latin or Hispanic learner to choose the correct word within sentence contexts. We call these "conflict" choices where you must choose between ser/estar or por/para, for example. The most common conflicts for English learners of Spanish are all included!
  • Randomization engine ensures that your choices for each exercise change each time you play
  • Enabled with high-resolution graphics for Retinal displays

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