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Sparky & The Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms

Age Level: Ages 5-8

Just who is that strange character that just ran from Aunt Dottie's house with her birthday cake, balloons and what does he have in his bag? Through a fun game, where you play the detective and collect all the clues, the answer to this question will be found, all the while having a lot of fun with interactive pages and learning the rules of fire safety.

The app has narrated and highlighted text, which can be replayed, or turned off by touching the sound icon. Collect all the safety tips along the way and win stars.

Included is a game, where one collects batteries and fire alarms. Once you collect 10 alarms you are a winner. Directly after, there are some fun math problems to answer. Keep playing, as there are more levels to go! In addition there is a catchy music video, which is all about? You guessed! Fire safety!

The app includes parents tips, as well as ideas for teaching fire safety in the classroom. Produced by the National Fire Protection Association, at no cost to you, they are serious about ensuring our children know the rules of fire safety and what to do in an emergency. Seems like a win-win to me! I think you will agree that this is one great app!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Fun interactive story – for the detective in all of us.
  • Important and smartly delivered information on fire safety and what to do in an emergency.
  • Fun game, with math problems at the end.
  • Catchy music video about fire safety.

Video Review