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Sparky's Brain Busters

Age Level: Ages 8-12
By Developer: NFPA

Sparky's Brain Buster is a fun educational game that is all about keeping our budding scholar's minds sharp and in practical use. The content is full of essential data that they can hone in, or enjoy the fact that they “got it right”!

The game has 5 categories of challenge: science, math, social studies, fire safety and Sparky's Choice. Spin the wheel and get a question with multiple answers to pick from. I like the fact that should a question be incorrectly chosen, the app shows the correct answer. Each question has a limited amount of time to answer – keeping you on your toes. Badges are awarded for correctly answered questions.

One can play the game by themselves, or in a classroom mode, allowing for multiple players. Included are ideas for educators on how to incorporate the app into group lessons.

Produced by the National Fire Protection Association, this app has essential information on fire safety.

This is an brilliant, simple to use app!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Fun educational game to keep you on your toes. Incorporate the app into group lessons and activities to help kids learn essential fire-safety skills as well as math, literature, science, social studies and other core content.
  • Test your trivia knowledge and fire safety expertise as you play.
  • Race the clock (or each other) to see who can get the most questions right before the time runs out.
  • Earn character badges by answering questions quickly.
  • Created for kids 9-11.
  • FREE!

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