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Speech Journal

Age Level: All Ages

Speech Journal is a very cool app whose primary use is for children with special needs and their parents, but it is so versatile that any parent, teen or child interested enough in documenting life and stories would have a great time using this app.

The title of the application is pretty self explanatory. It is a journal that relies on speech instead of the written word.

It utilizes the recording function of your iPad and your photos to create stories, learning files, or basically anything you want to put together about life. You upload various pictures into the app and record over these pictures with your own voice to create unique slide shows.

The app is very easy to use and has virtually no learning curve. You can store and create as many slide shows as you please. And the slide shows may contain as many pictures and recordings as you would like.

If you have an iPad 2, you have the additional ability of taking photos directly from the app for real-time documenting. Otherwise, you will only have access to already stored photos.

This app provides parents and teachers with a ton of flexibility in being able to create language games, exercises and other speech activities to help their special needs students learn. And it is equally as good for a dad who simply wants a way to easily create unique photo albums of his son's baseball game.

Compatible with the iPad.


  • Easy to use
  • Create multiple user profiles
  • Share completed slide shows over e-mail
  • Can be used as a personal diary

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