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Spelling Adventure - Learn to Spell Kindergarten Words

Age Level: Ages 5-8
By Developer: Maelstrom Interactive

Spelling Adventure is an app designed for early readers which gives them practice in spelling. The app includes 75 words with 3-4 letters such as: ant, ball, bee, bird, etc., just to name a few. It has beautiful graphics and is easy for young learners to play.

Once a level is chosen you are given a scene, such as a city, farm, residential area, etc. The student is required to tap on the moving vehicle with the treasure chest on it. Once done, a picture of the word is shown and sounded out, as well as scrambled letters and squares in which to drag the letters to. Once the student drags the letters to their correct place, the game announces each letter in order and says the name of the item. The program will not allow letters to be incorrectly placed. Tap the sound icon to hear the word again, or the light bulb icon to hear the letters in order of placement.

Should you want a different scene other than the one that is provided, you can go back and tap the level again to receive another. This can be done again for additional scenes.

Settings allow for the game to be reset, as well as giving the choice to have levels accessed.

Should you want to check out the app first, there is a free version which includes 5 words. You can play around with it and see if it is to your liking before downloading the paid version.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Spelling practice for early learners
  • Includes 75 words
  • Beautiful graphics with simple play
  • Free version can be accessed for a “try before you pay”

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