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Spelling Star

By Developer: Top Class Apps, LLC

Spelling Star is a perfect spelling utility to help your child with practicing those spelling lists that come home from school.

The app allows you to create your own list topic and enter the words related to it, including a recording. There are a couple of sample lists within, to give you the idea of how it works. The samples given have a recording of the word, as well as an example of how it would be used. This is perfect for increased literacy and eliminating any possible misunderstandings of what was being said.

Once a list is created, just tap on it and your first entry will chime in with it's recording. Simply type in the spelling of the announced word in the box provided for, and tap return on your device. If the word is spelled correctly the student will receive a star. Once the word is mastered, simply tap the arrow - taking you to the next entry. While practicing a list, once 3 stars are achieved (a word spelled correctly 3 times), that particular word will be removed from the list in the practice mode.

In addition to the capability of making your own lists, the app allows for sharing and receiving lists from others – such as a teacher. For example, in the list itself there is a button to share. Once tapped, a page pops up that has an email code on it. Tap the green “Email Code” button and an email pops up where you can enter the receivers address. The subject line lets the receiver know the name of the spelling list. The code will be found in the body of the email as well as the created list and links to get more information. It's very straight forward and simple to do.

It's easy to check how your child is doing with the spellings lists. Simply go into a list and see how many stars they have achieved during practice.

Practice makes perfect!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Create your own spelling lists
  • Share and receive lists from others
  • Check to see how your child is doing

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