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Squeebles Times Tables 2

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12
By Developer: KeyStageFun

This is a fun app for learning the multiplication tables.

The app was designed to create a game-like experience for children ages 5-11. It offers several challenging games, all the while collecting and rescuing Squeebles. There are 35 of these lovable characters.

Squeebles offers a great reward system. As the student correctly answers math questions, achieving specific goals, they are awarded gemstones (hidden on Squeeble Island). In addition, stars are earned for doing well on the times tables. These gems and stars are used in a fun mini-game in which a Squeeble sits in a bubble-ball flying machine and is flicked through the air at varying speeds and distances. The more gems and stars you have, the further and faster those bubble-balls can fly!

The app also has a parental section which has access to multiple users. Difficulty levels and other precise configurations can be set for each student. This section can be password protected.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Track statistics and progress for multiple users
  • 6 games: Tables 1-12, Tricky Tables, Mix it Up, Fill in the gap, Challenge Mode and Extreme Tables.
  • The app goes all the way to the 15 times tables
  • 35 awesome characters to rescue and learn with
  • Earn gemstones for achievements and stars to swap for equipment in the bubble-ball game

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