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$2.99 at time of review
Video Review:

Stack the States™

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, All Ages
By Developer: Freecloud Design Inc.

Voted "Best Kids APP of iPad"!
2010 Best App Ever Awards

Stack the States makes learning geography fun and interesting with a very simple lesson plan and accompanying puzzle.

The app provides flash-card information about each of the 50 US States. The flashcards include the capitals of each state, their flags, nicknames, landmarks, major cities and their bordering states.

After studying the flashcards, the student may play a quiz game. Each correct answer gives a state which goes on a platform. As the states are stacked on top of this platform, the overall goal of the game can be achieved of stacking enough states to cross a finish line.

Flash-card study and winning the puzzle game awards the student with a state to fit onto their own personal map of the USA. The object being: to study enough, and correctly answer enough multiple choice quiz questions, so that the student wins all 50 states.

This app supports multiple players so it's perfect for whole classrooms.

I have to mention, I had a LOT of fun reviewing this app!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Learn states, abbreviations, capitals, locations and bordering states
  • Unique questions, including flashcards
  • Up to 6 players
  • Fill your own personalized map with earned states
  • Fun, friendly and humorous states with great sound effects
  • Five games in one - all very fun and educational
  • Video Review