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$2.99 at time of review

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Noctua Software Ltd

Stellarium is back, bigger and better before. The afore free app professes to be the most realistic sky map out there.

The app features a 3-D representaion of the the night sky, in real-time. It has over a catalog of over 600,000 zoomable stars displayed. With a very accurate look at the sky from where you are now, this app not only shows you what the constellations are and where to find them, it also allows you to get more data on any given point in the night sky, down to the faintest pinprick. Change the date in the setting and see what the night sky looked like in a given year.

All of this, and a whole lot more, Stellarium a planetarium on your phone, with a very simple, touch-screen enterface. Created by the original developers of the Stellarium Desktop version, this award-winning app is perfect for the star-gazer in all of us!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • A catalog of over 600,000 stars displayed as a real time zoomable sky map

  • A catalog of many nebulae and galaxies, with pictures for some of them
  • Asterisms and illustrations of the constellations for several sky cultures
  • Artificial satellites, including the International Space Station
  • Realistic Milky Way
  • Realistic landscape and atmosphere with sunrise, sunset and light pollution simulation
  • Accurate simulation of stars extinction, and atmosphere refraction
  • 3D rendering of the major solar system planets and their satellites
  • Night mode (red)
  • GPS positioning, accelerometers control of the direction of view in the sky

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