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Swim by American Red Cross

Age Level: All Ages
By Developer: American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has put together a very nice app that teaches kids all about water safety, and even has swimming instructions to put us and our kids out of harms way. It is jammed packed full of easy to understand information, videos and quizzes for kids to take. The videos are very professionally done, with kids and adults acting out the parts. Should any of the questions on the quiz be incorrectly answered, the app shows the correct information and allows the child to repeat the quiz until 100% accuracy is attained.

There are a total of 11 sections of safety instruction in the app, covering such areas as: the rules to follow, never swimming alone, how to rescue someone in need, etc.

A parent can go to the safety “button” at the bottom of the app and get information on: prevention, emergencies, where drownings occur and data on life jackets. Click on any one of these and you will receive information about them, as well as a checklist for you and your child to follow. They make it very easy to get the facts and ensure all the parties have a good understanding.

In addition, there are additional quizzes, safety instructions and the ability to track progress.

By going into a profile, you will find 6 different levels, from Preschool up, that teach swimming and water safety. These include video instruction as well.

Throughout the app, badges are earned for steps achieved. As you earn badges, more choices and badges are available.

All-in-all, I can't think of a thing that has been left out of this brilliant app.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Reward and share your swimmer’s achievements as they earn badges for mastering skills
  • Keep track of the skills and water safety topics your swimmer will learn in each Learn-to-Swim level with videos and detailed charts
  • Ensure your swimmer understands and retains the water safety tips they learn with the games and videos in the special section just for kids
  • Do fun activities with your swimmer
  • Learn how to keep your family safe in a variety of environments, such as home pools, rivers, lakes and oceans

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