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The Elements by Theodore Gray

Age Level: Ages 8-12, Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Amphio Limited

This app was featured in the iTunes App Store.

I'm not a very scientifically minded person, but apps like this make me want to become a mad scientist! An "e" version of the acclaimed hard cover copy, it became an instant favorite of mine, which is pretty awesome, because I don't even like chemistry!

What an amazing layout this app has! It starts off with a catchy chemistry song, continues into visually packed information on the known elements, which groupings they are in, their inventors, their use and much more!!

"The Elements" even has information from Wolfram Alfa on subjects like mass, electronegativity, weight, boiling point, etc. It's perfect for anyone who has had a middle school level of understanding in this area of science.

It is suggested that this app be used in conjunction with The Elements in Action by Theodore Gray. This app is a filmed collection of videos that explain the unique and aspects of the elements. Installed together, the two apps find each other and link together, allowing you to flip seamlessly between viewing the element, giving you a complete view of each element.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Photographs of the elements and ways in which they're used
  • Photos can be seen in 3D with special 3D glasses!
  • Based on the hardcover edition of The Elements by a "Popular Science Magazine's" columnist
  • Facts and information about all the different elements
  • Visual Periodic Table of Elements
  • Some elements include video experiments that show some of their chemical properties
  • Available in French, German, Japanese, American English, and British English
  • Introduction describes the basics of the Periodic Table

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