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$4.99 at time of review

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Age Level: All Ages
By Developer: Moonbot Studios LA, LLC

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, is a book app that is based on an award winning animated short film. It is the most beautiful book app that I have had the joy of reviewing.

The story was inspired by the devastation of Katrina, where books were seen scattered about the environment, sadly casted aside by the storm. As mentioned in the app, “Every book has a story”, and this story is about the celebration of books and the wonder they bring to us.

The story begins with Mr. Morris Lessmore sitting on a balcony reading a book. A storm comes up and whisks him away, along with some houses nearby. The story flows into a bit of “The Wizard of OZ” feel, where books are animated and a new life for him begins.

The app contains several clips from the short film. There is a lot of interactive experience while reading, as well as a puzzle, creating words in a bowl of alphabet cereal and filling the blank pages of a book with your own drawing and more. The art, games, and interactive pages are nothing less than top notch.

Included within the app is the film the book is based on, as well as a clip on the making of the film. Just lovely.

This is a perfect app for the whole family to enjoy. If not already a book lover, this app is sure to inspire.

Compatible with iPad.


  • Stream the animated short film within the app
  • Groundbreaking interface that’s actually fun
  • A visual table of contents that anyone can follow
  • Loads of games
  • You can draw
  • Play the piano
  • Play with your food
  • Lots of expensive beautiful animation
  • Get sucked into the book with immers-o-vision (patent pending)
  • Will make you laugh
  • Will make you sigh
  • And maybe make you cry (in a good way)
  • Will make you love reading