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The Foos Coding 5+ | Award-winning free educational programming game

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, All Ages
By Developer: codeSpark

In this free programming app, one will learn some basics in writing code. Not just any code - game code. All the while playing games and having fun.

The app works on a gradual learning approach, with over 40 puzzle levels, in 3 different areas of play. The game starts out very simply by “showing” the player what to do. Slowly one is given enough information until they can look at a scene and know how to carry out an action, such as move forward, leap up and capture a prize. The app progresses in this wise, until the player has learned the basics well enough in order to create games on their own. Games of endless choice and complexity.

Play a game, or revise the solutions as many times as desired, until the game is satisfied, and you are satisfied with the results.

To facilitate the player, there is a full curriculum, solutions guide and command cheat sheets that can be viewed on thefoos.com/hour-of-code/

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Determine the actions needed to solve each Foo’s problem
  • order actions in a logical sequence
  • recognize patterns
  • use those patterns to make their code more efficient
  • test solutions
  • learn from tests and try revised solutions
  • Great game for ages 5–105!

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