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The Fun Way to Learn Algebra - FREE - Hands-On Equations 1 Lite

By Developer: Hands On Equations

This Hands on Equations apps are some of the best apps I have ever reviewed. It takes the potentially overwhelming concepts of algebra and makes them VERY simply understood. Not only that, but it is feels like a game – a very fun game, that gently builds basics while imbuing confidence in students!

The app takes the learner through 6 lessons, each includes an educational video which explain how solve basic algebraic concepts. These are followed by equations to solve, giving one enough practice in order to gain a sound understanding. The equations are solved using the digital manipulatives. The learner receives feedback if the answer is correct, or is guided with a suggestion if it is not.

If you would like a good look at what the app provides, there is a lite version which includes the first three lessons, allowing you a very good look and a lot of foundation.

I highly suggest this to anyone struggling with algebra – young and not so young, like me! Children 8 years and older will benefit from what it holds.

Just brilliant!

About the inventor: Dr. Henry Borenson has taught mathematics to inner city, low achieving students, as well as to Math Olympiad students at the Stuyvesant High School in New York City. After receiving a patent for Hands-On Equations, he founded Borenson and Associates to disseminate the Hands-On Equations program and the Making Algebra Child's Play workshop for teachers.

More information on Hands-On Equations can be found at Borenson.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Android devices.


  • Lesson 1, the student mentally tries to figure out the value of the pawn that makes both sides balance by using reasoning or a guess-and-check strategy.
  • Lesson 2, the student places the game pieces onto the image of the balance scale to represent both sides of the abstract equation.
  • Lesson 3, the student uses "legal moves" with the pawns to simplify and solve for the unknown x.
  • Lesson 4, the student learns to use legal moves with the cubes.
  • Lesson 5, the student solves equations involving subtraction of x's.
  • Lesson 6, the student solves equations involving parentheses.

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