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The Land of Venn - Geometric Defense

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12
By Developer: iMagine Machine LTD

The Land of Venn – Geometric Defense is a zany game that teaches children geometric principals. Apeirogon and his evil monsters, called Bookkenriders, try to drink all the magic juice from a pool in the Land of Venn.

Starting by learning points and lines and advancing to more complex shapes, the player draws on the screen to connect the monsters, which then obliterates them. Doing so gives you points and ensures the survival of the Land of Venn. The idea is to best all the monsters before they have a chance to drain the magic juice pool with straws. Each point, or geometrical shape is called out when drawn, reinforcing the principles just priorly learned. One achieves the most points by drawing the geometric shape learned at that level. This means that those evil monsters in action need to be lined up correctly to do so. This can get a bit tricky, especially as the game progresses, as the monsters speed up their pace. The quicker one is, the better chances you have to stop the Bookenriders and gather points.

To help win battles, used your accrued points in the at the “Wizard Wall” and buy a variety of destructive elements to use against your opponents.

There are 30 different progress levels in all. The final level incorporates all which was learned. At the end, there is a quiz that test ones geometric knowledge.

The Land of Venn is beautifully designed with colorful and “cartooney” graphics, fun sound effects and a fast action game play. I had a lot of fun playing it.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Fast pace fun learning game
  • Learn geometric shapes
  • 30 levels

Video Review


He didn't even know he was learning!

When a friend of mine's son was visiting he asked me for an app to play. This boy would really be rather playing anything but educational apps. I gave him this app and he was mesmerized. Later his dad asked me what it was, as his son was asking for it!