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$2.99 at time of review

The Little Bug

By Developer: Jaclyn Littman

This is a brilliant little app book, with beautiful artwork, tons of animated interactive play and educational value. Love it!

The Little Bug (a caterpillar) will give your backyard whole new meaning for your child. There are many insects that Little Bug comes across in his outdoor journey. Follow along with him as his curiosity allows him to learn about each one of them. See a grasshopper making music by rubbing his legs and wings together, the tinkle of blue bell flowers as they are tapped, help a spider spin a web, watch how the ant digs and creates tunnels, use a magnifying glass to see how bugs can hide on leaves and flowers by camouflaging themselves, and much, more. It's just plain fun! Each of the various scenes has interactive games to play, allowing for greater understanding. Your child will learn about these very interesting creatures and take a part in their lives.

The book allows for “Read to Me”, or “Read it Myself” options. Tilt your device and get a 3-D view.

The story is written in such a wise to allow the very young to follow, play and understand. Read along and find out just how special little bug is. Then, take your child outside and discover some of your very own little bugs!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Created for kids 3 and up.


  • Interactive elements on every page, like tap, tilt, and swipe.
  • Charming, original story unfolds over 28 pages.
  • Kid-friendly interface allows readers to jump to a favorite scene.
  • Read-to-Me and Read-It-Myself settings allow children to build literacy skills or follow along with the narration.
  • Over 100 interactive touch-points leave more to discover with every read-through.
  • The garden comes to life through beautiful hand-painted illustrations by Jackie Littman.
  • Original typeface is suited for young readers.
  • Enchanting original music by Joshua Cipolla creates immersive reading experience.

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