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The Way to Happiness Education

Age Level: Ages 8-12, Ages: 12 +

The Way to Happiness—a common sense guide to better living which has been distributed to 87 million people in 97 languages. It is used in criminal and drug rehabilitation all over the world, and now it is coming to the classroom, home school, or individual student!

This app features over 20 full lesson plans, each following a specific chapter in, "The Way to Happiness", which teach morality and decent behavior. It was created as a foundation and solution to the common problems of society, such as: honesty, decency, peer pressure, drug abuse, violence and the like. It even covers such subjects as: take care of yourself, love and help children, and set a good example!

Each lesson is comprehensive and provides a video presentation of the chapter being studied. I have to admit, these videos are very nicely put together. The lesson moves forward to discuss the various points of the video (if the students agree or not), and has them write down examples of how to apply the information just learned, as it relates to them. By the end of app, the full class, or student has a complete understanding of the basis for living a happy life, based on a very sensible moral code.

The app can also be used by teachers who can establish a classroom. Their students can then download the app and plug into that classroom and receive special notifications, assignments and additional lessons from the teacher. These lessons can be customized for the needs of the individual or classroom. I found it very well designed and very easy to use. Included are a ton of resources, ensuring a well delivered, complete and comprehensive learning experience. And it's free!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • All The Way to Happiness educational videos, booklets and materials provided
  • Full lesson plans and videos for complete understanding
  • Full classroom management and lesson plans for teachers - and a whole lot more!
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