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Think Like Churchill

Age Level: Ages 8-12, Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Amphio Limited

This app is simply amazing. I not only learned a great deal about Winston Churchill, much more than I learned in school, as well as a real insight on the major decisions he make in his life. This is narrated by Boris Johnson, a British politician, popular historian, author and journalist who seared as Mayor of London and as a Member of Parliament.

The app takes you through Churchill's early life and several of the decisions he made through his military and political career. These are portrayed in historically accurate stories, which include excerpts from Winston, made at the time of each of these recountings. For example, there is the story of when Churchill was imprisoned by a Boer commando force in South Africa, through to his eventual escape, which he became famous for. Each of these stories take you through his thought process at the time, which include photos, copies of original documents, letters and more – a total of 80 throughout the app.

At the end of each of these stories you are prompted to choose a multiple-choice answer to what decision you think Churchill made. Your answer, correct or not, is then analyzed by the app in areas such as humility, awareness, judgement, self-belief and belief in others. Even if Churchill made the same decision (which were not always the correct one) you can see how that particular decision may have been faulty or well made, based on these areas.

So yes, one does get the idea of how Winston Churchill thought and just what a brilliant man he was. I found the app fascinating, captivating and personally worth every cent.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Told in the style of a beautifully animated, thrilling graphic novel.
  • 6 decisions to explore (with more to come) from different parts of Churchill’s life.
  • Expert psychological analysis to help you learn how to make better decisions.
  • Narrated by Boris Johnson.
  • Historically accurate stories.
  • Featuring over 80 original documents from the Churchill archive, including secret intelligence, personal letters, telegraphs and unique photographs.

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