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Thinkrolls 2

Age Level: Ages 0–5, Ages 5-8
By Developer: AVOKIDDO

Thinkrolls 2 is another great learning game from Avokiddo! If you liked Thinkrolls, you are sure to love this.

As in Thinkrolls, these logic “tweaking” games are based on progressive learning. There are 270 games in all, separated into two different levels (135 games for ages 3-5 and 135 games for ages 5-9), though these games can easily be enjoyed by older kids – like myself!

The player is prompted to pick a character. These characters get about by rolling. Move the characters along using a finger to swipe or drag. Each game has additional tools, such as defying gravity and teleporting! The object of the games is to use the various tools provided and overcome obstacles, allowing you to move to the end of the board. This goal can only be achieved by the player using problem solving skills, logic and thinking ahead. If you find yourself “backed into a corner”, just hit the refresh button and give it another go. It's just a ton of fun!


Accordion - use fine motor skills as kids expand and contract open pathways, build bridges and create stairways.

Water & Barrel - test your logic skills by finding out what will sink or float, while helping Thinkrolls move forward and avoid water hazards

Egg - use force, acceleration and gravity while walking on eggshells. Keep eggshells intact all the while bounding and rolling them over

Fan – try some gravity-defying boosts with some aerodynamic lift from a fan

Wormhole – Select the right coordinates or risk getting lost in space as balls, all the while doing some teleporting

Battery - Keep your Thinkroll safe from receiving a bit of an electric shock. In this game you must be a bit patient and allow the battery to run out before progressing.

Light bulb – Think quick and remember what's up ahead. You will need these sills to move forward before the light goes out

Bonus – Additional and more complex puzzles are played, using a combination of all the earlier learned physics concepts

Thinkrolls! Let their games begin!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Created for kids 3-9.


  • 270 challenging levels with mind-sharpening puzzles
  • 135 easy levels for ages 3-5, 135 hard levels for ages 5-9
  • Experiment with gravity, buoyancy, levitation, electricity, density, acceleration
  • Enhance logic, spatial cognition, problem solving, memory, observation and more
  • Track progress for up to 6 player profiles
  • 32 hilarious super smart characters to play with
  • Supreme design and beautiful artwork
  • Original soundtrack and sound design
  • Language neutral game-play
  • COPPA compliant, no third-party ads, no in-app purchases

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