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$3.99 at time of review

Thinkrolls Kings & Queens - Logic and Physics Game

By Developer: AVOKIDDO

Thinkrolls Kings and Queens is a very fun educational game that challenges the player with physics-based games that get kids to use logic and problem solving skills.

The game begins with you putting together your own Thinkrolls avatar. Pick from a variety of hats, hair, mouths, and more, to create your own Thinkroll character. Now you are ready to begin the first multi-leveled game. Simply tap on the "1" to get rolling. The goal is to figure out how to maneuver through a variety of castles by correctly moving objects around in order to obtain a key, which opens a gate. If not correctly done, you may find yourself with the key, but blocked and unable to reach the gate. One has to think ahead and decipher their own actions as well as the resulting actions of simple machines.

As you roll your avatar along, gems are gathered as well as tasty treats. Make sure you tap on the the spiders and bats which send them into action. Points for collecting all these items are given at the end of the game awarding you more parts to build your avatars. Up to six avatars can be created, allowing for 6 different players.

Not only is the game a ton of fun and a good polish to your reasoning skills, the avatars are full of cute expressions, showing exhilaration when you accomplish a task, disappointment when you haven't quite got it right, annoyance, etc., all with the appropriate sounds. They also do things like look at what you need to be doing and the like. I even detected a bit of sarcasm. It's pretty funny.

Throughout the game you will see parts of a dragon. At the end of each game, the dragon takes all the gems and other items and sucks them in and sends them out for the avatar to roll to touch, eliminating them from the screen. That is the grand finale! Once played all the way through you are brought back to the beginning where you can change your avatar and take on the game anew.

All-in-all there are 12 castles including 115 easy puzzles for kids 5-8, and 113 more challenging puzzles for kids 8+. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Gear & Rack: combine gears with racks to create ladders & conveyor belts Chest & Bridge: fill gaps and collapse swaying bridges to clear the way
  • Crocodile & Harp: use the harp to lull the crocodile to sleep
  • Ghost & Mirror: shift the mirror to eliminate the ghost with reflected light
  • Hatch & Lever: switch the lever to open and close hatches
  • Flying Potion: unleash the magic potion to defy gravity and fly to the finish
  • 115 easy puzzles for children 5-8 years old
  • 113 challenging puzzles for children 8+ years old
  • 12 epic castles packed with smart brain challenges
  • Super fun physics: simple machines, forces, tension, light reflection & more
  • Collect candies and gems to feed the dragon
  • Win awesome accessories to customize your own Thinkrolls
  • Build your own Thinkrolls library
  • Clear the castle of spooky spiders & bats
  • Supports 6 player profiles
  • No time limits, no stress. Play at your own pace
  • Gorgeous artwork, delightful music & sound design
  • COPPA compliant, no in-app purchases, no third-party ads
  • STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)
  • Hands-on physics
  • Logic & problem solving
  • Cause and effect reasoning
  • Memory & concentration
  • Strategizing & planning ahead
  • Spatial cognition
  • Sequencing
  • Patience & perseverance