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$4.99 at time of review
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Todo Telling Time

Age Level: Ages 5-8
By Developer: Enuma, Inc.

When I first saw this app I thought, “$4.99? It better be good!” And, I am not disappointed in the least!

Todo Telling Time is just a brilliant and beautifully designed app. It has 6 learning games, each with 3-5 levels of play. One can go to the next level, or work on a specific level of choice. I say 6 learning games, but the home screen alone is quite a learning experience. The app opens to both analog and digital clocks, as well as the calendar date, giving you a setting of what the current time of year would look like. Tap on the character and hear the time. One can move the hands forward or backward, in order to see how the sun go down and the moon come up as time changes. The app can be easily used for children from kindergarten to 3rd grade.

Days of the week: In this game (really 3 games in one) you are invited to drag and drop the days of the week, months of the year, as well as current calendar dates in order on a board, allowing for any month of your choice. Dates, etc. are announced during this activity. These are all followed by a fun little learning song.

Ferris Wheel: This game shows a Ferris wheel clock with a missing number that needs drag and drop placement. The game continues in this wise, increasing the amount of missing numbers. This is done for numbers 1-12, 0-55 and numbers up to 59, with a random increase.

Schedule: Move the hands to show the time being asked for. Once done the app announces what occurs in the day at that time and shows an animation of that activity. As the game progress', the app goes from showing you where to place the hands to simple increases of time, all the way to advancing to hours ahead, taking you through the activities of the day just learned.

Train Time: Match digital to analog time. Place the correct number in the train to match analog time with the digital clock. Choices of numbers to drag and drop are provided. This game begins with whole hours, all the way to dragging and dropping numbers such as 08:55, in accordance with the time being asked for.

Memory: This game begins with numbers in a circle as in a clock. Press the “ready” button and it highlights one of the numbers briefly, which you then tap on. The next level briefly gives your three numbers in the center of the game, which disappear, which you would then tap (on the clock) in the order provided. Then on to showing you numbers, where they would be in the clock, which disappear, inviting you to remember what you just saw.

Time Quiz: This game reinforces what was learned prior in the other games. Tap on the question, or just read it and choose the correct answer. As above, the quiz continues with a gradual increase.


Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • 6 fun learning games in all aspects of time, including how this relates to a daily schedule, correct order of time and numbers, analog vs. digital, memory skills and more!
  • Gradual learning curve, with the ability to continue practice at any level

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