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Twelve a Dozen

Age Level: Ages 8-12, Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Bossa Studios Ltd

If your kids really would rather be doing gaming apps, instead of educational apps, and need some math thinking and reasoning skills – THIS is the app for them!!!

Your child (and quite possibly you) will have a blast helping “Twelve” save the town of Dozenopolis and with it her family. Along her friend Dot, Twelve will collect “numbles” (which are numbers) and use these with math equations, to open pathways to help her along the way. You are on a real adventure with this app! It's down-right addicting and loads of fun!

As one progresses along, you will need to add numbers to unlock some areas and find yourself subtracting to continue on. This is true for multiplication and division as well. Since the player is collecting “numbles”, it is necessary to choose the correct number to your equation.

In addition, certain numbers assist the player, such as “9” allows you to jump higher, and “4” allows you to push objects out of the way, or into place, in order to get where you are going. One needs to really think ahead to make the correct choice. If you make an incorrect decision, you can go back (several steps if necessary) and choose again. There are also tips provided along the way.

The player is prompted along by the beautiful narration of English comedian and actress Lucy Montgomery. You couldn't ask for a better voice-over! Along with the excellent game design, background music and sound affects – the complement is spectacular. Voice, sounds and music are easily adjusted or turned off in the settings, which can be accessed from any page.

There are 50 levels, or missions, total, separated into groups of 10. In-app purchases give you the lot. That's a lot of game play! Each level can be replayed at the end if desired.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • 50 levels of superb platforming adventure
  • Delightful puzzles to solve as you journey through the world
  • Core mathematical concepts presented in an engaging and meaningful way
  • Stunning art and a charming story that appeals to ALL ages
  • Charming voice-over provided by English comedian and actress Lucy Montgomery

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