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Video Review:

Vernier Video Physics

Age Level: Ages: 12 +

2012 CODiE Awards Finalist - Best Educational Use of a Mobile Device

This app is perfect for Physics teachers and students in providing real world examples of the mathematics behind moving objects.

The video analysis tool lets you easily track moving objects across coordinates that you set. You can also set the known distances between two objects in the video and track your object against a grid of actual measure.

The objects are tracked by placing cross hairs on the object. Tapping the center of the cross hairs marks a position and moves the video forward to the next frame. Frame by frame, the position of the object can be captured in the cross hairs.

The app graphs the motion of the object separately, against the coordinates you set at the beginning, providing a visual representation in graph form of the object's motion. All sorts of information can be calculated or predicted from the resultant graph. It is extremely helpful in teaching some abstract concepts like acceleration, distance, time, speed, centripetal force and other physics-related properties of motion.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Record a video of a moving object
  • Mark the object frame-by-frame
  • Capability of setting coordinate system location and rotation
  • Graph object motion on video, and on a separate line plot
  • Export video to Facebook
  • Use the result to learn and study physics
  • Email your video and information for further analysis in Vernier's Logger Pro software for OSX Windows

Video Review