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Virtual Manipulatives!

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12
By Developer: ABCya.com

Nearly a half million installs
An Apple Staff Favorite
A top 50 FREE Educational App

We like virtual and we very much like manipulative to get across a concrete understanding of math concepts. This app does just that. Covering fractions, decimals and percentages, these areas can be a bit mind bending for kids. I love how this app takes the potential, "What???" out of these areas and put it all on the straight and narrow.

The setting mode allows the user to work with tiles or circles. Just pull over a fraction such as a whole (complete circle) onto the work area on the right. You can then drag over different fraction amounts, below the whole until you get a complete circle, allowing one to compare the two. You can even drag the pieces on top of the original circle to get a view that way. There is also a pen provided, so that the user can work out the math problem that would give the shown example. The app allows one to easily save or erase their work.

I found in playing this, that you want to turn off the Snap to Grid setting, as the program doesn't always put the pieces where you want them. Placing them yourself handles this.

ABCya has not disappointed me in the quality of their apps. This is just another one of their great products! Plus, it's free! The high ratings it gets in the App Store represent the quality of this app! It is also one of the Apple Staff Favorites, as well as in the top 50 of free Educational Apps.

In this app your will not find:

  • Third-party ads
  • In-app purchasing
  • Integration with social networks

  • Compatible with iPad.

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