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Video Review:

Virtual Nerd Mobile Math

Age Level: Ages 8-12, Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Pearson Education, Inc.

Perhaps the name of the app could use some work, but the content is simply amazing.

This app features video tutorials on all math lessons from Grades 6-8, through SAT preparatory mathematics. All videos are categorized for easy searching and cover a full range of math skills needed to succeed in study and school, and later on standardized testing.

The instructions in the video are very clear and easy to follow. Anyone could easily learn from this app! Videos can be searched by keyword and marked as favorites for easy access in later re-study.

This is the easiest, direct to student tutoring app available on the app store.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Videos covering all math skills from Grade 6-12
  • Easily searched and used
  • Save videos for later using the "favorite" button

Video Review