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$1.99 at time of review
Video Review:

Water Cycle HD

Age Level: Ages 8-12
By Developer: Sprout Labs, LLC

Winner of 2014 American Association of School Librarians Best Apps for Teaching & Learning in the STEM Category.

Water Cycle is a great way to teach about the 4 phases of the water cycle and it's impacts on life on Earth. Sprouts Labs has not only created a very thorough view on the subject, they have made a fun educational experience with something for everyone. The app has different learning modes a student can choose from, or just do them all!

One can simply read information, including "WOW facts" that educate one on each aspect of the water cycle. In this mode, you are given the choice to read the text, or have it read to you.

Tap on the camera icon and it provides high-definition photos, including a brief caption that talks about the photo shown. This is key in learning. When reading about something if you don't have the "thing" on hand to look at, photos and video are the next best thing.

The video icon brings you to 11 learning videos related to each of the 4 parts of the water cycle. These videos are jam-packed full of interesting informational facts. The app has 44 excellent videos in all!

Additionally there is a quiz section where you can test your understanding. The questions increase in difficulty as you move through it. Answer the questions correctly on first try and win coins!

I definitely learned a thing or two while reviewing this app. Plus, I enjoyed every minute of my learning experience. What almost amazes me more is the price of this app! $2.99 for something that spans grades 3-8, with an abundance of very interesting and compelling content.

This app is perfect for schools, home-school environments and just filling in the cracks and reinforcing what one has already learned. My hat is off to Sprout Labs.

Compatible with iPad.


  • Did You Know section with WOW facts about each topic.
  • Easy, Intermediate and Advanced level questions based on Bloom's Taxonomy to test knowledge about the various topics.
  • Fun, visual game refreshed periodically with new content.

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