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Who Stole The Moon? - free version - Interactive e-book for children

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: WindyPress

"Who Stole the Moon?", based on the book by British writer Helen Stratton-Would is a delightful interactive app book with several songs included.

Bertie is a young boy who would like to some day be an astronaut. In his bed at night he gazes out to the night sky with wonder. One night something is missing – the moon. Bernie sets out to find out just who may have taken his beloved moon. He asks several nocturnal animals, finally coming to the wise owl for the answer to his question. The pages all include beautiful illustration and fun interactive experiences that bring the characters to life.

Games: Each animal has a song that you can listen to, which include the words. These songs can later be sung to in karaoke style. In addition to the karaoke, there are a lot of puzzles, coloring and drawing, and concentration type games.

This free version comes with several pages of the story, to give you a taste of the book, as well as a few games. The full version is $4.99 with in-app purchasing.

Compatible with iPad.


  • Complete story with fully interactive vivid illustrations.
  • 4 categories of educational games.
  • 8 original songs, plus karaoke.
  • The songs performed by award-winning American children's singer Susie Tallman and Australian musician Richard Pleasance.
  • The story is narrated by professional actors in 17 languages.