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Wood Puzzle Easter Colors HD

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: Tropisounds

Wood Puzzle Easter Colors HD looks, sounds just like the puzzles I remember my kids having when they were tots. The app was designed by an award winning graphic designer.

To play the game, tap on one of the 15 eggs presented on your device. This action cracks the specified egg into puzzle pieces, which can then be dragged back into their appropriate location. Once the egg has been reassembled it's main color is announced, in both English and Spanish, followed by a rewarding acknowledgement and a new egg to reassemble. One can move forward in this wise, or go back to the home screen and choose a specific egg. Some of the eggs have more than one object to complete, as well as other various games. Some of the games announce in English and some of the games are in Spanish.

ROTATION ON/OFF: This can be found in the settings, as well as the choice of audio. When Rotation is off the puzzles pieces are easier to handle. When turned on, they can be rotated around, making for more of a challenge.

BABY MODE/AUTO MODE: On the home screen if Baby Mode is chosen, the puzzle pieces will reassemble themselves, so that your child can watch and learn. At any time the pieces can be pulled into place should the child desire.

The App Store says: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPad. I downloaded the app just fine on my iPhone, but suggest you do use an iPad if you have one.


  • Perfect for critical thinking skills
  • Difficulty level easily changed for each player
  • Baby Mode allows your wee one to watch and learn first
  • Learn the name of colors in both English and Spanish

Video Review