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Writing Prompts

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: 21x20 Media, Inc.

If you are a writer in any genre, or taking a class on how to write, this fantastic little app may just be the app for you.

The application generates writing prompts when you shake it, giving you ideas to help spark your imagination. Containing over 600 ideas, Writing Prompts taps into and utilizes current events, scene elements, words, sketches, colors, genres and writing types. Shaking the device or swiping to the left or right will generate a new prompt in the category you have selected. The app will also store favorites so they can be used or referred back to later.

All in all, this app is capable of generating millions of different combinations of prompts. It is not a cut and paste activity. But, it will give each user something completely different to think and write with.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Includes in-app purchasing.


  • 250 scene elements, 400 words, 60 sketches, 10 colors and 80+ genres
  • 4 additional prompt packages available for in-app purchase
  • 600 creative writing prompts
  • Billions of possible prompt combinations

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