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Zap Zap Fractions : Virtual Fraction Tutor

Age Level: Ages 8-12

Zap Zap Fractions provides a free math game and virtual tutorial to teach kids the basics of fractions. During the tutorial, kids interact with the lessons being taught by supplying answers based on what is being covered. Incorrect answers will be corrected by the Virtual Teacher. As one progresses through the lessons, a space ship is being built. At the conclusion of the tutorial, the space ship will then fly off into the game. You also have the choice to go directly to the game. Perfect for later game-play, where the basics are “in” and you just want to play!

The game consists of a series of questions, with visual representation, and a selection of answers to choose from. As you answer questions correctly, asteroids are zapped which in turn keep your space ship safe AND give you points. If all the answers were correct the score will be 100%. Incorrect answers knock off points. The player is given 1 minute to answer the presented questions.

Zap Zap Fractions is most definitely a GAME and a fun way to speed up one's “fractions thinking cap”!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Created for ages 9-11.


  • Fun space themed game
  • A “Virtual Teacher” guides the student through the learning process
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Keep playing to increase your skill!

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