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Math can be a rather arduous subject to get across to children. It really is one of those subjects that requires you engage the student at a level and with an interest that he or she can respond to.

Many children like many different things, and this means multiple different methods of teaching any given child. Some children are very interested in dinosaurs, some in animals and some in colors.

How do you tailor your math curriculum to your specific child?

Thankfully iHomeEducator has worked on a series of apps that teach math by appealing to the specific interests of children.

Each of these apps are fantastic in their own right. They can be used individually, or together as a series of apps to "switch it up" and keep interest in mathematics high.

I specifically like these apps because they reward math skills with tid-bits, pictures and facts dealing with interesting subjects. They also have amazing HD photographs that are fantastic in their own right.

With these applications in your arsenal, there is really no student you shouldn't be able to immediately engage in learning math. They are fun and extremely visually oriented. I recommend downloading them all so you can keep interest in math high while you teach it.