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Jump Start Spanish

A Special Learning Curriculum by

Learning a foreign language is a major difficulty for most students attending school and taking a foreign language as a requisite course, or as an elective study.

The problem in our schooling system is that Spanish classrooms often do not focus on conversational practice and intuitive learning, but on textbook study and examinations.

Many a young adult will tell you, though they took Spanish for three or four years in high school, they cannot speak it conversationally and would be lost if they traveled to any of the Spanish speaking countries of the world.

We at are dedicated helping you, your students and your children to locate interactive educational software tools that will greatly increase learning rate and success in any given subject. As communication is the basis of all successful interactions and relationships, we see it fitting to seek out the best iOS applications for learning foreign languages - so you don't have to!

While we cannot replace live practice and conversation with mobile devices, we can provide tools that will assist in memorization and practicing a foreign language. This curriculum is put together for the purpose of giving your child a head start in learning Spanish. The apps recommended will also serve to provide continuing practice to help your student succeed.

The following applications come recommended, in this order, for optimum success:

Cat Spanish is a great first time learner's application. It's fun and easy and it will help just about anyone start learning conversational Spanish right out the gate.

Duolingo is a fantastic lesson plan that helps build Spanish speaking in a simple learning curve and provides tons of practice.

Spanish Touch Trainer helps hone Spanish speaking, writing and grammar skills.

These three together will give you or your child the jump start needed to succeed in class!