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A Special Learning Curriculum by

We at understand that learning is difficult without libraries of information immediately to hand to refer back to in the learning process.

Studying English without a dictionary is impossible. Doing science or math without a reference library of functions can be nearly impossible as well.

We have compiled a list of "must own" applications that cover many subjects of education, to ensure that your student is able to have all the information needed for proper learning to hand.

These applications range from function libraries (math and science) to a dictionary and video library to make learning easy, interactive and fun:

Kahn Academy is a trusted source hosting hundreds of thousands of tutorial videos which cover every subject imaginable.

WolframAlpha is an online knowledge database with endless detailed information about everything you can possibly imagine. It's basically an "Earth Almanac".

Encyclopedia Britannica is a centuries old trusted source of knowledge.

Spark Notes are concise summaries covering classic literature, and other novels, for assisting students in book reports, essays and bibliographical work and English studies.

Kahn Academy

By: Kahn Academy
Age Group: 12+
Category: Utilities Apps
Price: FREE

You might as well just stop looking for applications that will help you learn because you have now found Kahn Academy and they've got you covered.

And when I say "covered" I mean covered. This application has instructional videos on just about every course you can imagine, from the most basic math to college level. All of it is completely free and all of it is at your fingertips.

I am not overstating it. It's got your usual mathematics and advanced math, like algebra and calculus. It's got finance, business, healthcare and medicine, economics and history. It's even got videos on art history!

If you're trying to learn, study or just brush up on some knowledge, I can't think of a better app for you.


WolframAlpha Viewer

By: Wolfram Alpha LLC
Age Group: 12+
Category: Utilities Apps; Reference Apps
Price: FREE

If you have an iPhone, chances are you have Siri, the interactive assistant who can launch applications on your device, show you nearby restaurants and get other important information off the internet for you.

Did you also know that Siri can access Wolfram Alpha - the internet's premier source of statistical and encyclopedic information?

Well she can, but using her to do so can be finicky.

This application teaches you how to input information into Siri so that you can experience all the educational value that Wolfram Alpha has to offer. The app itself cannot access Wolfram Alpha, but it is more of a manual on how to use your phone to do so.

The searches available are numerous and I was even surprised by how functional Siri is with Wolfram Alpha after getting this application. A whole new realm of study and learning just opened up instantly. Ask Siri any information you want, and she'll go to Wolfram for the answer. You just need to know how to ask Siri. This app shows you how.


Encyclopaedia Britannica

By: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc
Age Group: 12+
Category: Reference Apps
Price: FREE

This reference application by Encyclopedia Britannica is absolutely gorgeous and very well constructed in terms of its user interface.

The base app is free for download and offers all entries found in the encyclopedia, and excerpts from the articles available. The full articles are available for a nominal subscription fee of $1.99 a month.

The encyclopedia app offers super easy navigation and a "map" feature which shows you how the article you are reading relates to other articles and subjects also offered in the encyclopedia, which you can navigate to with a single touch.

This encyclopedia is already one of the most trusted study references on the planet. This application is fast and easy to use and is sure to provide students with the knowledge they need.



By: SparkNotes LLC
Age Group: 12+
Category: Reference Apps
Price: FREE

Anyone who went to school should be very familiar with SparkNotes. For some of us they served as great overviews and summaries for major works of literature that we read and needed help referencing.

For other of us, it served as a great substitute to reading the actual book....... Though I certainly never used SparkNotes to cheat on a quiz or writing assignment.... But I, you know, heard of others who had.

Okay! OKAY! So you should probably allow your students to use this app with some discretion! But you can beat high schoolers at their own game, by getting this app, reviewing the SparkNotes, and giving quizzes and tests the answer to which are NOT in the SparkNotes!

The other way to use this app is the way it's intended: as a learning companion to the actual work of literature, play, poem, etc. being read and studied. Students can learn to appreciate art more, and get more out of it, using SparkNotes to point out the truly important and widely regarded aspects of literary works.

The SparkNotes app comes with a lot of free content, including all of Shakespeare's major works. Other notes are available for download.

The menus are easy to use and access and the content is super easy to navigate. You can find what you are looking for in a split second without difficulty.

SparkNotes has always been a great learning companion for English students everywhere, and this app is carrying them into the 21st century. Smart move.