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United States of America Geography

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Geography is truly one of those lost educational subjects. You may find it surprising to know that Europeans and tourists are often more familiar with the geography of the United States than ourselves!

In America, geography is usually reduced to "knowing where things are", but the truth of the matter is that geography is an intensely interesting subject. It is geography that allows us to know the "who's" and the "what's" of governments, populations and natural resources. Geography teaches us where natural resources, industry and various sorts of domestic production are located. It tells us the make-up of different lands and human habitats, and how those habitats and resources affect human activity and industry; and vice-versa.

We at are not only interested in providing you and your children with educational apps that are worthwhile, but also a well rounded education. And any well-rounded education would definitely included revitalizing the "missing subject" of geography in America.

The USA is unlike any other country on the planet. It has large bodies of water, mountains, forests, deserts and even tropical areas. Any type of climate in the world can be found somewhere in the United States. This makes for a highly diverse country filled with different types of human industry and production. What does it mean to be an American? It means knowing about America, its people and its domestic activities. And THAT is geography!

To kick start your child's learning we recommend this sequence of apps, which will start with the basic "where is which state?" and evolve into "which states do what?":