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A Special Learning Curriculum FOR ADULTS!

As a responsible parent you want your child to get the best education they could possibly have. Perhaps, like many parents, you feel that you would be the best possible teacher your son or daughter could have. Maybe you simply don't want to deal with the public school system, or can't afford private school. Or perhaps you were home schooled and want to share that amazing experience with your kids.

Today we live in a very digital and visual world. Teaching children is no longer a matter of handing them a book and some exercises and telling them to get on with it. Children need more direction, and they crave and respond to audio/visual instruction. After all, they are bombarded by television, movies and social media all day long. It's what kids today are used to, and it's what they expect.

As a parent, you want to provide your kids with the best opportunities in life. That means yourself adapting to the current audio/visual, digital world and helping your children grow to be successful in that world.

We at have sailed the seas of the internet and are bringing to you these tools which will help you be most successful in your home schooling endeavors:

  1. Homeschool Teacher's Lounge
  2. Edmodo
  3. Evernote

With Homeschool Teacher's Lounge you'll be able to connect with homeschoolers all over the country and get helpful advice on how to start, manage and run your homeschool or homeschooling group.

Edmodo is an app you can use with your children and other students to manage classwork, discuss projects, post grades and allow students to discuss and socialize about their learning assignments together.

Evernote is a useful utility for keeping track of your ideas, lesson plans, to-do lists and curricula. See what this site has to say about it: Teacher, Leader, Learner, Nerd.

With these helpful utilities in your hands, there's nothing stopping you from engaging and working with your students in the social media format they have grown most accustom to! Happy teaching!

Homeschool Teacher's Lounge

Age Group: Adults
Category: Utilities Apps
Price: Free

Homeschool Teacher's Lounge is a social networking site for homeschool parents. It provides helpful tips, instructions and curricula for how to start, plan and provide quality education to your children as a homeschooling parent.

The app has essays and articles from successful parents and homeschoolers all over the country. The lounge section is an area where anyone can post a question or topic for discussion and get helpful, professional advice.

It's an app entirely dedicated to helping parents achieve their educational goals with their children, so why not give it a try?



By: Edmodo
Age Group: 12+
Category: Utilities Apps
Price: Free

Edmodo is a unique and intelligent way for teachers and homeschoolers to engage their students and keep them informed and up-to-date with all classwork, assignments and the curriculum.

Edmodo is like a teacher-friendly, classroom-only blog and task assignment app. Teachers and students sign up for free and participate in classroom-only discussions, posting assignments, grade tracking and file sharing.

It is a unique and fast growing social platform for education. Teachers may also use Edmodo to follow other teachers and communities that deal in the subject they specialize in, share lesson plans and get ideas from each other.

Students will love the ability to discuss assignments with their fellow classmates and get the help they need from the teacher straight from the app.



By: Evernote
Age Group: 12+
Category: Utility Apps
Price: Free

Evernote is an amazingly functional app that has endless uses. No, really! This app is limited only by your imagination and is perfectly adaptable to teachers, students and homeschooling parents.

It's an easy-to-use note taking app that records and lets you file notes in customized notebooks.

That sounds very simple, but you need to consider this: there are no limits to what you can note and where and how you can store it. Anything from recording lectures and study meetings, to taking photos and storing regular old text notes - this is the one app that rules them all!

Want to do some comprehensive study? You can put a class lecture, your text notes from the lecture and any pictures all in the same, easily accessible note!

It's even great for making lists and managing projects and to-do lists - perfect for any high school or college student! Evernote is also perfect for collaborating with groups. Simply record a note and then set sharing privileges on the note and work with whomever you like.

Evernote syncs across all your devices so your notebook is as available while at your desk, or in the classroom.

In addition to that, there are a ton of other great productivity applications out there that can connect with Evernote so you can make the most out of it.