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A Message from the Editor

I seem to bring up the subject of math a lot. But, it is most definitely a zone of difficulty for many children, as well as adults. As math is built by the support of prior concepts, not having a good grasp on an earlier one before going to the next level can bring the whole subject tumbling down on one.

In my search for the best education apps, I have come across some real gems! Six of them are made by As I went through the first three of these apps, I was taken back by just how good they were. I actually found the subject of algebra had become incredibly easy for me! This was a vast improvement and a real delight. I thought, "Wow, I'm actually pretty smart!"

Each of these separate algebra apps cover the basics as they build confidence and certainty, with amazing results. They all start with a fun video giving strong visual concepts in an entertaining way.

My daughter was due to take her entrance exam for college and was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the whole idea, especially in the area of algebra. Although she had tutoring in school and help from her teachers, there was a lot of room for improvement. I had her run through the first three of the Algebra Explained apps (as there were only three of them at them time), to prepare her for the up and coming test. Just my mentioning the “A” word made her a bit hesitant to get started. As she progressed through them she went from a complete dislike of the subject to “out of her head enthusiasm”. Needless to say, this was a vast improvement. And, she aced the test! Amazing.

Here is a list of the 6 apps:

We hope that you find these apps as useful as we have!