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Bad Behavior, Kids and the Holidays

Greetings App Treasure Hunter,

Don't try to reason with a child in a tantrum. You may never know what triggered it in the first place but once the yelling and kicking is in full bloom, you have lost the battle if you respond in kind.

Adults have tantrums too. We have all witnessed the driver who leans on the horn or tailgates when he perceives a terrible highway injustice has been done to him.

My other favorite around the holidays is the spectacle of two women fighting over a sale item - it can get really ugly. And just like the case of a child going into a tantrum, no manner of reasoning will pull the offenders out of the downward spiral.

What can you do when it seems like nothing short of a mini straightjacket will handle the situation? Some vested interests are still trying to make us believe that the only cure is a mind altering drug because somehow, in a way that no one has been able to explain with real science, when you inform your little one that he cannot have the candy he wants in the store checkout line, a mysterious chemical is released into the brain that turns your cute baby Dr. Jekyll into a raging Mr. Hyde.

While the sheer ridiculousness of the chemical theory is finally being realized by the general parent population, there is one aspect of this that should be confronted and that is this: your child's brain is fine but his body can be literally poisoned with toxins that you are feeding him without you even knowing it - and this can affect behavior.

Numerous studies have shown that dyes and preservatives commonly added to foods will actually generate hyperactivity, nervousness and oversensitivity in children - a virtual invitation to those dreaded public meltdowns.

You are probably aware of the numerous studies that have been conducted wherein children who had been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD were simply put onto a healthy diet and given plenty of rest and voila! their complex disorder caused by a “brain chemical imbalance” magically disappeared.

Of course, common sense tells us that toxic food additives and sleep deprivation are not the sole cause of your child's irrational reactions but my philosophy has always been to search out those things you CAN control and control the hell out of it while you work out the rest.

An easy way to start is to try and go with non-processed foods and organic if possible. It's almost too simple but then in my experience, it is the simple solutions that are most likely to work.

There is the affordability aspect of organic foods but let's face it, there isn't a parent alive who wouldn't pay a million dollars to get their happy, adorable baby Jekyll back and never have to worry about Mr. Hyde traumatizing their family again.

Lyn Demaree