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Changing Lives With Fun Math Games

We asked you what your favorite kinds of apps are and you told us. We asked you what you liked about them and you told us that as well. We couldn't agree more! Fun, educational math apps are our favorite subject and what I enjoy writing about the most.

Many teachers are incorporating the iPad into their classrooms. These provide a fun learning experience for their students, all the while helping them become more competent in any given subject. I have used this medium myself and could not agree more. Although a teacher cannot be replaced, they do appreciate any help they can get outside of the classroom.

When possible, the best way to learn is from real life experience. One does not easily forget something that you could see and touch. This is a very common approach when children are first introduced to math. We have many math apps for younger as well as older children, that provide this same type of "hands on" math experience.

Not every child learns at the same pace. This is just one more reason that math apps are useful. "Cool" math games can help your child move through the educational system, while providing a fun, game-like experience and helping them to excel.

From addition, to algebra and beyond, we have reviewed many of the best math apps.

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