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Education, By Bob Twaalfhoven

Hello App Treasure Hunter,

I grew up in a wealthy background in Holland. We didn't lack in food, shelter and the public school system in Holland lacked nothing. However at the age of thirteen I developed an aversion to learning. Paradoxically I would get upset if I could not go to one of the top schools in the world. I applied to Yale, Harvard, Princeton, MIT and a handful of other well-known schools.

Due to a natural ability for math I got accepted at half of them. I chose MIT, a famous engineering school in Boston. However I did not study more than the absolute minimum to pass most tests. I would cram in study three days before the exam, regurgitate and get maybe 60% right. Since that was frequently the average among students on that course I would get a B-. Upon graduating as a Mechanical Engineer I realized I did not know how an engine worked.

As the oldest of eight kids I observed that my seven siblings did not necessarily have the same schooling experience. Some did not do as well in lower school, but then excelled later on even though we all had the same opportunities.

After graduating I decided that I would not go to school ever again. Many of us as kids look forward to the day that we graduate so as to never have to go to school again. This is sad as I learned later. Learning can be and should be a fun experience! And so it is!

Our school system is based on the principle that all kids are basically the same, coming from the same mold. Yet what I have learned since is that no two people, nor kids, even at birth are the same. All of us have different abilities, talents and even interests. My children’s interests are different from each other as well as from mine or their mother’s. A school system that treats a classroom of thirty kids as a homogenous mass cannot do justice to the majority of that group. The majority will loose interest and become restless, inattentive or bored. It is at this stage that kids are being labelled with ADHD, a bogus label that's not based on any science and consequently drugged with Ritalin or Zoloft, a most dangerous procedure that no kid deserves!

Most of the population of our planet believes that we are basically spirits that occupy a body this lifetime. Some of us believe we come back lifetime after lifetime, others believe we live only once but then go to heaven or another afterlife. The depraved minority believes in materialism and there is nothing else and that brilliance, natural ability, talent, etc all came from evolution. This dogma neither explains where we came from nor what the meaning nor purpose of life is. It is also not workable.

The ADHD theory explains that it is all a chemical imbalance which aforementioned drugs can rectify. However what such drugs do instead is provide a disconnection between the spirit and the mind. This explains the 'not there' feeling or the many dissociative phenomena and bad side effects that most kids experience as a result. Are the kids more quiet and calm? You bet! Some teachers describe it as having a classroom full of zombies!

Ten years after graduating from MIT I had the good fortune to learn how to study, a skill most of us were not fortunate enough to experience during our school period. Since then my IQ has jumped 20 points and I enjoy learning. No manual is too difficult to read and no subject is too impossible.

When someone decides to become a teacher they are full of hope and ambition that they will be a great teacher! It is a noble profession and it is upon them that we entrust our kids and expect them to prepare our kids for a successful life. Yet after a few years of teaching, many teachers become disillusioned and their hopes and dreams for their pupils vanish. It has become a crapshoot where they know some kids will excel in life and others will fail miserably. All the aspirations of their kids, hopes and dreams are squashed by an educational system that's failing them.

The school system that caters to an individual education with each kid studying at his own pace is far more successful and I have seen it's teachers passionate and prideful about their kids and what they are accomplishing.

I know that many of the educators who have made the apps on our site are passionate about education. We find those apps that will truly increase the skills of your kid! With these apps, by drilling the kid over and over, the kid becomes proficient in these skills. Whether it be math, biology, chemistry, reading or any of the seventy-five other subjects. And they are generally fun!

Explore our site and the subject fields. You will find many apps that will not only interest your kid but you as well!

Bob Twaalfhoven - inventor, entrepreneur, educator & programmer.