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Kahn Academy: Educational Genius

An article from our Editor at App Treasure Hunter

There are just some people out there that have gone beyond, beyond to make math an understandable and usable subject. Salman Khan, the creator of Kahn Academy, is one of them. Giving up a career as a high paid engineer, he took it upon himself to follow his dream and is changing lives with his educational videos. But Salman did not stop just at math. His videos cover such subjects as Science, Economics, Computer Science, Humanities, etc. Each of these categories have several subcategories, all of which are video. I am talking over 3,000 videos!

I actually started writing this article a few days ago. I had left my preliminary work on my computer, as well as a video of Salman that I was in the middle of. I had been telling my daughter that she should take a look at some of the videos that are provided. I guess, being the "Mom", she had not taken my suggestion to heart. She has been studying Chemistry in college this semester and simply put, it has been a rough go for her. I walked in yesterday to a whole new world. My daughter met me at the door in quite a state. I could see that she had been crying. She then went on to tell me that she finally understood Chemistry and started gushing in relief. A cloud had been lifted from her and what remained was a happy, exuberant girl. She had just watched the Kahn Academy video on Chemistry. Need I say more? Wow, what a difference. She was having fun again and loving Chemistry! Phew! And, thank you Salman!

I could spend a great deal of time talking about Kahn Academy and it's founder Salman Kahn, but would invite you to hear it from the founder himself.