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Music and Math - Is There an Educational Link?

Years ago, when my daughter was taking lessons from a Suzuki Violin, her teacher mentioned to me that her students which excelled in music also excelled in math. That statement really stuck with me.

Music and math both have similar properties. You need to have a concept of ratios as in the 3/4 time vs. 4/4 time. There are repeating patterns, and rhythm has a mathematical basis. It is quite clear that if one were to understand the concepts of math, that this would in turn reflect in ones understanding of music and vice versa.

The Equation- Relationship between Music and Mathematics: Fringe Pattern Anlysis

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One working in the field of engineering, medicine, science, as well as fields such as business, need be well versed in the use of math. Shouldn't we ensure that our children are well versed in this subject? Getting a degree in engineering or becoming a doctor may not be along the purpose lines of everyone, but if we cut short our children's understanding in this area, it could very well close the door on any desire for an advanced education no matter what it is. It's that important.

In today's society, having a good education can be the make break point on just getting by and paying the bills and having the means to survive well. The important thing is that we give our children a chance to have and do whatever they desire. Then the choice is theirs.

Did my daughter decide to make a career choice in medicine because of her music skills? Probably not. But, I do know that this choice had a great deal to do with an increase in her understanding of math. I know this, because through the use of math apps, she blossomed in this area and at that very point made the decision to go into medicine. She actually told me this herself. This was a turning point for her. A door had opened up and she had the confidence to walk through it. That is pretty magical. It really doesn't matter what career choice she has made. It does matter that she found a purpose she loves and COULD make that choice.

There are a lot of good people out there taking the time to create some pretty amazing educational apps. These are not a replacement of our hard working teachers, but an aid and additional practice for increased understanding and proficiency. We are living in exciting times with the current technology.

I hope you enjoy the following review of one of our chosen math apps.