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The Decline of - well... Everything.

A mother in the Midwest is getting violently berated online by teens, college students and teachers for standing up and protesting required reading material that spouts inappropriate words, has sexual content and swearing on the very first page.

A Pastor in California is getting questioned about why he is concerned about required reading that includes an explicit book that describes the Indian sex trade - incidentally targeting 13 year old girls which - you guessed it - happen to be the same age as the girls in the middle schools who are reading this material. Then there's "Love and Sex, Ten Stories of Truth," and "Rape Fantasies" from the Norton Anthology of Short Fiction: all on the reading lists of our public and private schools.

When I mentioned that I was looking into the content of required reading for students, a co-worker of mine chimed in that her upper middle class high school had a required reading book about a child molester. Another told about having to read about a rapist and the killing of an innocent school girl by a bullying incident gone out of control.

Are you serious?

First, I have to say that I just love the folks who mask their own degradation by bragging about how correct it is to "expose" kids to "reality" on the pretense that it will help them to prepare for it. The very premise of this argument is flawed. What is this 'reality' that our kids are supposed to be getting prepared for anyway? I guess it's the reality of those who set curriculum standards which only tells me that these individuals are troubled to say the least.

So, I will spell it out: I don't agree that "Reality" is selling little girls for sex. I don't agree that "Reality" is that everyone has fantasies of rape and slaughter. That there is a segment of the population that is violent and sick is true. But the vast majority of human beings are not this way. I challenge you to look around you and see for yourself.

I have lived and worked in the most violent and poverty stricken areas of America and Asia and even in those desperately impoverished locations, rife with gang violence, rampant drug addiction, prostitution and a daily diet of kidnappings and murders, most of the population was composed of good people who would share their last bowl of rice or protect a stranger in need of help.

So, I protest! What reality are these 'experts' talking about?

The reality of the vast majority is a loving family whose members care about one another. Reality is the family unit that powers this nation and the world every single day. Reality is what you are constantly creating with your children with your unconditional love as expressed in your own individual way.

Yes, there are terrible things that happen every single minute. But, not one single freaked-out-about-being-politically-correct, insecure, guilty-about-having-a-normal-family, frightened child will ever make any positive solutions anywhere, now or in the future.

No, it's the child who has been raised with wholesome values, a strong feeling of security and an awareness of the goodness of man in general who will be able to withstand the evils of the few and stand up to them and their perversions. And ultimately it can only be the children who have been well-raised with strong values, loyalty and love who will create the solutions to the ills and sufferings of our world.

Which is why I ask you to become involved in the curriculum choices of your schools and to insist that the sickness of the few remain the sickness of the few. It does absolutely no good to have perversions of the human spirit pawned off as 'normal' or 'educational.' That went out with Freud.

Meanwhile, let's just go on about our business of raising a healthy generation.

Lyn Demaree